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Step-by-Step Guide To Writing A Selling Bulk SMS Copy With Examples

Step By Step Bulk SMS Marketing

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Step-by-Step Guide To Writing A Selling Bulk SMS Copy With Examples

Use these simple examples and bulk SMS templates to craft your own bulk SMS marketing campaign that will produce the desired results.

If you are reading this, it is clear you are aware that writing a good bulk SMS marketing copy requires great skills and care. The good news is, it is not that hard.

Now that you are ready to craft bulk SMS marketing contents that get read and produce desired results high conversion, come with me as I show you simple tips with templates.

  • Specify the Offer: Check out these two examples of a bulk SMS message and tell me which of them obey this rule:

Example 1:  ” Amazing prices at Almost ending miss this offer at your own risk”

Example 2:  “25% of all Italian shoes at for the next 24 hours only. Use coupon code SH24HRSDEAL at checkout”.  

It is clear from the above two examples that example 2 is the best bet for if they want their bulk SMS campaign to produce results. This is a good illustration of a good bulk SMS copy. The first example lacked a specific offer by not telling the customer or prospect how much discount is involved. The second example went a step further to specify the duration of the discount and the coupon code while at the same time avoiding to sound spammy as we see in the first example’s use of “almost ending. Miss at your own risk”.

  • Be Exclusive: Customers will treat your business in a special way if you treat them in a special way. If you are promoting an offer via bulk SMS, always try to let your recipients know (although indirectly) that the offer is exclusive to subscribers only. A good example will sound like this.

Example 3:  “25% all “April 17 Shits till 7/17/2017. Show this message to a store manager to get exclusive additional 10% discount. Find our store at”.   

The above example works well for stores that sell to customers on site.

  • Include a link: Always include a web address, social media URL or phone number where people can read you to get more information. Compare these two examples.

Example 4:   “Hey! Did you see the skyrocketing seller on Get your wrist watches now before it is too late.

Example 5:   Rolex chain form abroad same as these you see on screen. Get it 30% cheaper from Itoro stores. call 07062852147 now. Offer ends 28/11/2017.

Example 5 is surely the winning copy look directly at all the good examples: 2,3 and 5 what is the recovering characteristics? Each has clearly stated offers, clear call to action, expressed a sense of urgency and all provided good and timely valuable offers that are exclusive. Use these examples to write your own selling bulk SMS marketing copy today.   

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