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How are these SMS Marketing Stats Benefiting your Business?

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How are these SMS Marketing Stats Benefiting your Business?

If you run a small business, church or school and need an affordable, yet easy-to-use digital marketing tool, then using bulk SMS is your best bet.

Use the following mobile Marketing statistics to integrate bulk SMS into your marketing plan and by so doing be on your way to bringing in the cash.

#1. 91% of Mobile Phone Owners Use Their Device For SMS (Smart Insight): This is because interactions via SMS seem to be the easiest and least technical of all the other digital marketing strategies. No technical or IT Skills is needed to read SMS. So start sending bulk SMS to your prospective customers.

#2. 98% Of SMS Messages Are Opened (First and Sullivan, 2011): When you send an SMS, you’re delivering a message straight to the customers pocket. Over 94% of text messages are read within 5 seconds of being received. If you need an instant response you can rely on Bulk SMS to deliver.

#3. 70% Of Smartphone Users Like To Receive Offers By SMS: So give your customers what they want. In fact, a recent open market article states a magnanimity of millennials prefer business via-text messaging, instead of calling for customer service because they don’t like to talk on the phone.

#4. 81% Of Adults Keep Their Mobile Switched On 24/7 (Fire Text): So send your campaign with confidence that it will be seen.

#5. 62% Percent Of Smartphone Users Check Their Phones Immediately After Waking Up. While 79% Of Smartphone Users Check Their Phones, Within 15 Minutes Of Waking Up (IDC):  With this kind of data, SMS marketing is a worthwhile market.

#6. 350 Billion Text Messages Are Sent Every Month: Don’t be left out. People are not complaining of receiving SMS, they are only complaining about receiving bulk SMS messages that offer them no benefit.

#7. Younger Adults Send And Receive More Text Messages Than Their Older Counterparts: So if you’re targeting young people, your bulk SMS campaign will meet with higher success.

Good luck and Happy BulkSMSing.

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