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How Can School Proprietors/Principals Use Bulk SMS Effectively to Manage Their School?

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How Can School Proprietors/Principals Use Bulk SMS Effectively to Manage Their School?

  1. Informing Students/Pupils of Their Assignments and Deadlines: In secondary schools, a sizeable amount of the students/pupils have cell phones they use when they are at home with the supervision of their parents. Bulk SMS can also be an effective way to remind them about important assignments, deadlines and projects that has to be done. This makes managing of these students more effective. Some school clubs like the Press Clubs, Jet Clubs, etc equally use bulk SMS to organize the meetings and competitions. I assure you the parents will really appreciate this.
  2. Bulk SMS Can Be Used To Inform Parents’ of Their Children’s Poor Academic Performance at School: Parents know that their children may forget about important assignments or projects given to their children in school and no one can really blame them, because so many parents do not have time. So instead of simply marking ‘homework’ and writing the date inside the kids textbooks, any parent will appreciate it if they get a message from the school telling them about this homework their kid has got.
  3. School Proprietors/Principals can Use Bulk SMS to Send Good will Messages to The Students/Parents: During special days like holidays (Christmas and New Year) and other important celebrations (Independence Day), you can send goodwill messages to your students/parents. Special days like the Christmas and New Year celebrations comes usually come around when the students are on holidays. Sending a message to the parents during this time will make you remain in their mind for the upcoming session. Some schools even send messages acknowledging the students’ birthdays to their parents, and that makes the parents feel their kids are loved and adored.
  4. Use Bulk SMS To Inform Parents About Tuition Fees, Debts, Examination/Resumption Dates:  Parents always want to be informed about all the happenings in their children’s school. This is because they have a strong desire to see their kids do well and excel. Tuition fees for new terms, dates of upcoming exams and even the next term or next session resumption dates can be communicated with parents through Bulk SMS.
  5. Use Bulk SMS for a Successful Parents-Teachers Association’s (PTA) Meetings: Lots of schools have the PTA that provides an avenue for parents and teachers to come together and discuss pertinent issues about the school and the student’s welfare. Bulk SMS effectiveness for this purpose will be in the area of increasing attendance to such associations meetings by making bulk SMS a mode of reminder, rather making letters and invitation cards to such meetings. Use bulk SMS as it has been proven cheaper!!!!

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