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Today In History: Development

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Today In History: Development

On 30th September, 2016, exactly one year ago I posted this on Facebook.

Looking back, I would say we hit the mark and we are steadily making forward progress.

Kindly share our memory with us.


As you may know, our SMS service ( is being rebranded

Other than the change of Name, Domain and Brand Identities we are leaving SMS Portal Creator (SPC) the popular Joomla Bulk SMS Component in favour of a custom in-house solution.

This move will enable us:

1. Provide our users with a better experience as well as more capabilities (more on that later).

2. Provide us with a fine-grained control which will improve our operations and administration.

Also, it will afford us product differentiation in the market (frankly, I’m no fan of “same-same-lets-compete-on-price” business model  ). From my estimation, at least 9 in every 10 bulk SMS websites in Nigeria use SPC.

Bulk SMS Development Screenshot

Back To Capabilities
1. Payment Options:
SPC comes bundled with only one Payment Gateway – VoguePay, the payment service of Afrisoft (the developers of SPC). And they have vehemently refused to integrate other payment gateways nor open up SPC’s payment module for us to handle the integration ourselves.

Needless to say, we are ditching VoguePay on (that’s a story for another day).
In place of VoguePay, we will now have Quickteller, Paystack and KongaPay for now. While we remain on the lookout for more platforms that make online payment fun and frictionless.

2. Transparent Billing:
We would be leaving the unit-billing model for straight-naira billing. This means that if you fund your account with 500naira, you receive 500naira in your account and no longer 285.7units (@ 1.75naira/unit) as such quirky calculations bring confusion and muddiness.
Also before you send your message, the cost is computed for you in Naira for confirmation (no surprises).

3. Delivery Reports & Smart Notifications:
Yeah, expect these in BulkSMSing. Now you get to know when your messages deliver, the numbers that are failing and why.
We want your campaigns to be fun and productive, no need to waste funds on disconnected/inactive numbers.

4. Enough said already, just get prepared for tonnes of other amazing features we are sure you will love. (No need to let the cat out early  )

Without mincing words, we know this would be the best bulk SMS platform in Nigeria.

#ExpectMore #DevInProgress

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